M5 Zoo! 🦋🐢

On Monday we had three visitors in our classroom; two Eastern Long Neck turtles and a Monarch Butterfly. We had great fun releasing the Butterfly into the wild and investigating facts about the turtles.

Some facts we learned about the turtles were:

They can grow up to 25cm long

They are common to Eastern Australia

They can live to be 100 years old

New Math Game Alert! 🔢

We learned a new game today using addition, subtraction and place value, it’s called “please may I have” we need to use calculators or if you don’t have one at home you could just use a calculator online, this is how to play it: first you need a partner or a group of 4 people, then you need to pick a 3 or 4 digit number, you have to ask your partner for a number you think they have this is an example : may I please have 4 , then your partner says if they have the number or not the first one to the 4 or 5 digit number is the winner 😀

By Chantelle and Leon, M5







Problem Solvers in M5

This week in mathematics we are focusing on learning through investigating. On Monday we worked with cubes. We had to discover how many edges, faces and vertices there were on a cube and also how many cuts we need to flatten a box.

We discovered that you need 7 cuts to flatten a cube 📦

Food Chain Fun 🐊🐨🌿

Today in Science, Ilona taught us all about food chains through some interesting videos and a fun game! We are enjoying our time with Ilona and can’t wait to see what we learn about next term!

Crocodiles ate kangaroos and kangaroos ate plants

We found that if crocodiles ate all the kangaroos they would eventually die out, as would the kangaroos if they ate all the plants.

If the kangaroos ate all the plants it would be a problem for the crocodiles because if all of the kangaroos died out, they would eventually not have anything to eat.

By M5

Buddy Grade Fun 😊

On Friday M17 and P7 enjoyed the afternoon together. We made melted snow men cookies, played maths games and the Middle students shared their favourite pieces of work from the writing contracts they have been working so hard on this term. What great relationships we have built up this year!!



Todays challenge for M18 was to design and create a chocolate box that would hold exactly 24 (pretend) chocolates. We discussed how all our boxes hold the same amount of chocolates, despite looking very different. Here are our finished products.collage-2016-11-09-10_21_04 collage-2016-11-09-10_20_26 collage-2016-11-09-10_19_40 collage-2016-11-09-10_18_44